How to do squats correctly

squat correctly Knowing how to squat correctly is what will allow you to reap the full benefits of the activity. And, at the same time, prevent possible discomfort and injuries. If you had to spend time learning a single exercise, we would advise you to do the squats. It is one of the most recurring in fitness , given its multiple benefits. There are several variants and they are included in tables for all levels.

How to squat correctly step by step

If you know how to squat correctly, you will work important muscle groups such as the quadriceps, calves or glutes. Let's see how to do it step by step.

1. Take care of the starting position

You must stand up with your legs open more or less to the width of your shoulders . Try to keep a good balance. Place your feet slightly out, so they are not perpendicular, and keep your back straight so you don't create more tension than necessary. do squats

2. Execute the movement well

Bend your knees to squat, bringing your buttocks back as if you were going to sit down. But not by throwing yourself on a chair or sofa, but by executing a controlled movement in which you notice the tension and keep an eye on your posture . Especially from the back. Focus and acquire from your body. You can help your arms to maintain balance , and also give them movement. Bend and relax your elbows to accompany.

3. Return to the starting position

The movement ends when you bring your thighs parallel to the ground. From there you must return to the starting position to repeat the entire cycle.

benefits of squats

Among the benefits attributed to the squat, are the following:
  • Promotes muscle development.
  • Helps eliminate fat.
  • Enhances mobility and balance.
  • Reduces the risk of injury.
Doing squats correctly helps you extract all the benefits of such a recurring activity in exercise routines. You will prevent discomfort and injuries, while you will notice the results.