How to do exercise at home

Just a few days ago all the gyms and sports centers have closed. A necessary measure but one that makes us consider how to exercise at home or how to maintain the daily activity that we used to do. Being at home should not be synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle, which is why we have encouraged ourselves to give you some advice on how to do sports at home:

Tips for doing sports at home:

1. Find an area at home with enough space to place a mat and lie on it. We recommend that it be an area with a window to be able to ventilate the room after the exercise. 2. Prepare a Playlist of motivating songs (on Spotify there are many options). 3. Put on comfortable and flexible sportswear. Our Beatfit sports sets are breathable, quick-drying and non-slip, perfect for doing sports at home! 4. Have a bottle of water handy to keep your body always hydrated. 5. Prepare a series of exercises. Now we get fully into the exercise at home. On the Internet you can find many virtual gym options to do at home . Another alternative is to download a home workout app like HiFit or Freeletics BodyWeight. 6. Complement strength exercises with yoga asanas , an excellent App for practicing yoga is DailyYoga , it also has guided meditation, very useful at this time! 7. Always stretch at the beginning and at the end of sports practice. 8. Avoid impact or weight exercises so as not to damage any area of ​​the house. 9. Use light shoes or do the exercises without shoes (in the case of doing practices such as yoga or abdomen exercises). 10. Have a towel handy to remove sweat and maintain home hygiene. With these tips on how to exercise at home, we hope you can enjoy a sports routine to the fullest. The BeatFit team is at your disposal for any questions or concerns.