Tips to eliminate abdominal fat

Localized fat , that great enemy of many women and men, is a somewhat abstract concept. What is localized fat? Or rather, where is this excess fat located? Today we are going with a specific application, tips to eliminate abdominal fat , since the belly is one of those areas that tends to accumulate volume.

How to remove belly fat

The "love handle" of the abdomen does not appear overnight. Excess alcohol, high-calorie, fried and pre-cooked foods influence this process. To combat it, here are some ideas to eliminate abdominal fat.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake with white or refined flour

There are no prohibited foods, just a balanced consumption. Carbohydrates that come from white or refined flour are excessively caloric. With regard to cereals, especially rice, it is preferable that it be integral.

Increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always welcome , but not all of them, as some, like bananas, have a high sugar content. The same thing happens with potatoes, but with carbohydrates.

Low fat dairy

Dairy products: milk, yogurt, cheese... are very fatty foods. If you consume them, and in a balanced diet there is room for them, opt for low-fat options .

Active life and physical exercise

The diet, when it is complete and healthy, acts as a preventive health element. A good diet is the basis for maintaining a good figure, but to it must be added an active lifestyle, leaving sedentary lifestyle aside . In addition, another recommendation is to practice sport in a moderate way at least three or four times a week .

Rest and abdominal fat

One last answer to how to get rid of abdominal fat is getting enough and pleasant sleep. If you sleep between seven and eight hours every day, your body will release excess cortisol, a hormone that favors the storage of localized fat. There are many formulas to eliminate abdominal fat , but all of them are summarized in three basic concepts: balanced diet, active lifestyle and comfortable rest.