How to choose the perfect leggings

When you start playing sports, one of the fundamental things is the equipment, and the clothes we choose to practice certain sports are fundamental, since they facilitate movement, allow perspiration, and make comfort the best predisposition to start. In addition, choosing the clothes with which we will start practicing sports can be motivating, so today on the blog we give you some tricks to choose the perfect tights:

The material

The most important point is to know the material from which they are made, avoiding materials that are not breathable such as cotton. It is advisable to choose tights made from elastic fibers that favor range of motion.

Leggings that fit our body

It is important that they fit our body well to facilitate movement and promote muscle compression . This last point is very important, since it can make our work much more efficient and facilitate correct circulation to improve muscular resistance. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid seams or decorations such as zippers that can cause small scratches and be uncomfortable on the skin.

Suitable for activity and temperature

The length must be adapted to the activity we are doing to protect the skin and promote movement of the joints, but the temperature must also be taken into account so as not to get too hot or cold.

Fashion and sport can be compatible

Fashion and exercise can go hand in hand and it is also important that we feel comfortable choosing clothes that we like aesthetically. BeatFit offers you a large number of models that fit all tastes , from prints to a variety of flat colors. Now all that remains is to choose your perfect mesh to be equipped and start doing your favorite sport. Infographic choose perfect tights