How to run my first 5K: keys and tips.

Have you started running? !! Congratulations!! You have already taken the most important step by joining an activity that will completely change your lifestyle. Running provides great health benefits both physically and mentally. In addition, the fact of frequently setting challenges and meeting goals will make us feel more motivated to continue exercising. If you are a runner girl from this huge community, you will surely be interested in knowing all the keys and advice that we provide on how to run the first 5K . Do not miss it!

Preparation to run your first 5k.

These are the main factors to take into account: Don't underestimate the distance It may seem like a short distance to you a priori, but be careful! To complete any race you need to have a minimum of preparation . Otherwise, you can end up injured. training types Ideally, you should put yourself in the hands of a professional who schedules your personalized training plan. However, there are some general guidelines that you must follow. First of all, you should never skip your warm up . This is something most runners underestimate, yet it can cause serious muscle and joint problems. Do a series of dynamic exercises. The sessions for beginners will be divided into:
  • Continuous runs at a slow pace.
  • The famous CaCo, that is, alternate walking with running.
  • Strengthening exercises. They are essential to avoid injuries.
  • Running technique exercises. They will help you maintain a good posture and step correctly.
  • Races in which slightly happier rhythms alternate with slow rhythms or walks (depending on the level).
Important: don't forget to end your workouts with a good stretching session. Material you need Many people think that to run you only need shoes and any sportswear. Nothing is further from reality! As for footwear, it is not necessary that you invest in the most expensive shoes on the market, but they do have to be specific to running and have good cushioning . Don't even think about opting for minimalist versions if you are a beginner. On the other hand, clothing must be comfortable and breathable. Try some of our fitness leggings ! It is also important to pay attention to some accessories such as:
  • Specific socks for runners.
  • Sunglasses and cap when temperatures are high.
Food and hydration It is essential that runners take care of their diet , since it influences performance and the state of muscles and joints. Opt to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet, eat some whole carbohydrates, pay attention to protein intake and, if necessary, resort to supplementation. Although the training sessions to face a 5K are usually short and it is not necessary to bring water or sports gels, you should hydrate properly both before and after the training sessions. start running 5 km How to face the race on the day of the test Finally the day of the test arrives! It is time for you to show all the effort and perseverance that you have put in during this time. Of course, keep the following aspects in mind so that you do not suffer any mishap:
  • Do not wear clothes or shoes for the first time.
  • Do not innovate in food. On the day of the test, eat what you have always taken before training.
  • Go out at a comfortable pace and don't let yourself be guided by the rest of the runners. Many runners sin by going out at a high pace and in the end end up paying for it along the way.
Now that we've provided you with all the guidelines on how to run your first 5K, get to work on it and don't forget to enjoy the race to finish with a smile.