5 Exercises to increase buttocks

There are many exercises to increase buttocks that go beyond the well-known squats. Today we propose five proposals to get firm, attractive and toned buttocks. With them it will only be enough to complement them in a complete routine of movements for all muscle groups and show dedication and perseverance in training.

hip lift

This is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the glutes. To do it, you just have to sit on the floor with your legs semi-flexed and your feet at hip height , rest the lower part of your shoulder blade on a gym bench or on a sofa, flex your neck and fix your gaze on a specific point, raise the hip as far as possible, contract the buttocks and hold that position for a few seconds to return to the starting position.


For this exercise you have to stand up, with your back straight and take a step forward with your leg straight , use a weight or a dumbbell and keep it with your arms, bend your knees, go down and go up again maintaining the position and repeat this movement in series of ten repetitions.

Dead weight

Something similar to what happens with squats occurs with the deadlift, it can be implemented with as many variations as we can imagine. The classic formula is to stand up and tilt your hips back, slightly bending your legs and hold that position, holding dumbbells or bars , for a few seconds and then release the weight. When you return to the starting position, you have to contract your buttocks.


The clamshell involves lying on the left side of the body, with the hips and body forming a 45 degree angle . The right leg is placed on top of the left leg, maintaining contact between the heels. The movement consists of raising the right knee as much as possible without separating the feet and then returning to the starting position , with the buttocks contracted.

Glute kick

This exercise can be done in the gym, with a pulley machine, or without accessories, only with body weight. The dynamic consists of standing up with the trunk completely arched, forming an angle of 90 degrees with the ground . One of the legs is raised, knees bent, and moved all the way back, simulating a kick . The movement should start from the hip and gluteus, not be a knee flexion. exercises for the gluteus These are some exercises to increase buttocks that are easy to start with and that are highly effective. If you put them in motion, you will get results with perseverance and dedication.