Interview with Brigitte Gypen, president of the Carrera por la Vida Foundation

  1. When did you start with the Carrera por la vida foundation, and how did the idea come about?
The Run for Life Foundation really came into its own after 10 years of Walking for Life. Let me explain: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 (I was 40 years old at the time) - after the initial shock and going through the whole process of diagnosis, operation, chemo and radiotherapy, I felt very lucky to have gone through it and to be LIVE... I felt the need to do something to make sense of what happened to me, and help spread the word about breast cancer. Because I had almost no information at the time when I was diagnosed and it's terrible because being well informed is power. So my best friend and I discussed the idea of ​​organizing a charity walk for breast cancer awareness. And what had to be really a unique event, became an annual meeting and the pink tide was born... More and more people were going to the pink tide, thousands of people filling the streets with pink color. After the tenth anniversary it was time to reassess and take the movement to another level, and I turned it into a Foundation in order to be able to do more for research and the well-being of people with breast cancer and their families.
  1. What exactly is Race for Life?
We want to help improve the well-being of all people, women and men, who are going through breast cancer. We want to help find funds for more research, because today's research is tomorrow's medicine.
  1. Have you received a lot of support since you started?
Undoubtedly because unfortunately we all know someone with cancer, and that is why solidarity is so great. Both people and companies. Institutions are also increasingly encouraged to support which is good. When a child comes to our headquarters with his little piggy bank, to hand over his saved money because his grandmother is fighting cancer and he wants to contribute his bit, it is touching and gives a lot of hope.
  1. What project are you most proud of?
Actually, I couldn't tell you why they are all important in my humble opinion, and possibly the most important is yet to come...
  1. What do you think of the idea that sports brands like Beatfit get involved in solidarity actions?
It is a complete gift to the Foundation because any help is important. But we especially like it because it gives us the opportunity to reach young people. Too many young people still believe that breast cancer is something that can only happen from the age of 50 but unfortunately this is not the case... Statistics show more and more people diagnosed from the age of 25, so it is very very important that young people also have timely information on how to self-examine to prevent breast cancer.
  1. How can people collaborate with Carrera por la vida?
Being encouraged to buy Beatfit items of course! Because playing sports is very important for everyone and for all ages. Also find out about early detection: read and search for information about breast cancer because information is power.
  1. Any message you want to send to our #Beatfitlovers?
LIVE, always without excesses, but live as if today is your last day. Take care of yourself, to be able to take care of others. Be good to each other.