Characteristics of our garments

We know the important role that fabric plays when making a sports garment. It is not enough that it is visually beautiful or shapes your figure. The fabric must fulfill a function so that your sports practice is perfect without having the inconvenience of humidity, friction, etc... At Beat Fit we offer you collections, made with microfiber synthetic materials with Dry technology, which provide softness to the touch, quick drying and long duration. They are easy-care garments, keeping the colors firm, even after many washes. The characteristics of the Beat Fit garments are a guarantee seal for physical training: - Antipilling: prevents the formation of fluff or balls on the fabric. - Dryfit: Moisture transport for fast drying, with extra light, open weave fabrics, which make garments dry faster compared to most similar fabrics. - UV protection: Our garments have sun protection for the skin. - Intense colors: The prints resist the passage of time and do not fade after washing. - Muscle compression: They ensure a correct compression of the muscles during physical activities. - Comfort: Beat Fit garments adapt perfectly to the body, giving freedom of movement and preserving its elasticity. The quality of the fabrics used and the comfort of the garments, together with the diversity of colors and designs identify the trend in each season. If you have any questions about our garments or fabrics, or any suggestions for preferring one in particular, leave us your message! We will be happy to answer you 💗 #BeatFitLovers