A day like today is to remember and support all the brave fighters! Breast cancer is one of the most frequent and aggressive tumors. If it is detected in time, it can be fully cured, and it is in your hands! Never better said. Although a breast self-exam does not allow a diagnosis of cancer, it helps to know your body much better and allows you to be alert to any changes. Here we will explain three simple ways to perform a breast examination. To perform all the exercises it is advisable to always do it in front of a mirror, both standing and lying down.

1. Observation in front of the mirror

- Observe with arms down Raise your arms and look at your breasts Finally, place your hands on your hips, applying pressure in case there is any change in the breasts. During observation it is ideal to check the size, color and shape in case there is any swelling or prominence that has not been there before. If there are alterations that had not been observed before other examinations, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist.

2. Foot scan.

It is recommended to do it during the shower with soapy hands: Raise the left arm placing the hand behind the head Palpate the left breast with the right hand using the movements shown in the image. Repeat these steps on the left side.

3. Lying down examination

Lying down, place the left arm behind the neck as indicated in the same image of the standing examination. To make it more comfortable you can place a pillow or right on the left arm. Repeat the chest movements indicated in the image. Do the same with the right breast.