CALISTHENICS: Train with your own weight

Calisthenics yes, but what is it?... In our article today we want you to learn a little more about this training system in which you work your body's muscles using your own weight. You hardly need materials to practice it, just your own body and a minimum place where you can move. As you gain strength you can also use a pull-up bar. Contrary to what is sought in gyms (increasing muscle mass by working muscles in isolation with machines) in calisthenics, muscle groups and exercise progressions are worked from simpler to more complicated.

Benefits of Calisthenics:

  • Increase your muscular endurance
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Increase your muscle strength
  • Increase your muscle power
  • improve your flexibility
  • Improve your body posture

Simple Calisthenics exercises:

One of the easiest exercises you can start with is the Plank. To do it, lean on your forearms and on the balls of your feet, leaving your body stretched out. Hold 30 seconds, rest and in the next series increase 5 more seconds. With this simple workout you will exercise your abdomen and back. Let's go for the abdomen!... Lying on your back on a mat with your hands stretched out along your body and legs bent, raise your knees toward your chest without arching your back or lifting your buttocks. Do about 15 repetitions and rest 10 seconds. You will tone the belly area and you will also strengthen the pelvic area. Buttocks and Hips. In the same position as the previous one (lying on your back with your arms stretched along your body and legs bent), raise your pelvis while contracting your buttocks. Remember: Always warm up before doing any training. Perform the exercises at a normal pace, not too fast. Do not force postures or joints. And above all, perform muscle stretching at the end of our activity and use good quality fitness tights . Are you up for Calisthenics?