What better time to use pumpkin for a delicious Halloween recipe?

In the previous blog post we saw the recipe for the oatmeal and chocolate fit cake . Today we can surprise our friends, family or your partner with a wonderful pumpkin sponge cake and banana ice cream, nothing more and nothing less!

Cake ingredients:

- 160 ml egg whites

- 110 gr roasted pumpkin (heavy already roasted)

- 25 gr whole oat flakes

- 20 gr almond flour

- 10 gr whole rice flour

- 10 gr dark chocolate 85%

- 6 gr chemical yeast

- Sweetener and cinnamon to taste

Step by step cooking:

1. We crush all the ingredients, except the chocolate, and pour the mixture into a pyrex-type glass mold, greased with coconut oil. Add the chocolate chips, sinking some so that they remain inside.

2. We bake at 180° for about 10-12 min. Let cool in the oven with the door half open.

For the banana ice cream:

3 balls come out

- 250 gr frozen banana

- 50 ml almond milk

- Sweetener to taste

Step by step cooking:

1. We crush everything and freeze for 1h 30min approx.

2. We make a ball and put it on the cake


Just from the sponge cake

- 458 calories

- 49 gr Carbohydrates

- 29 gr Protein

- 19 gr Fats

This type of cake is ideal for training, in addition to having a high protein content, we have all the vitamin benefits of pumpkin with antioxidants C and E. Believe us, it is to lick your fingers. It's so good that your sports leggings won't fit you!