Welcome Laura Jorge: Dietitian - Nutritionist

We are super happy to have the collaboration of an expert in Nutrition such as Laura Jorge. With her we will learn many things about food, tips, recipes etc... but we are going to let her introduce herself, Welcome Laura! Hello everybody! I'm Laura Jorge, and I'm a dietitian-nutritionist. From Beat Fit they have given me the opportunity to stop by here from time to time and share what I know about nutrition, so from now on you are going to read some of my articles, tips, recipes... Let's start at the beginning! ! I have to tell you that I love the idea that Beat Fit has created the #BeatFitLovers community and that we can all exchange opinions, topics that we like and contribute, etc. I hope that nutrition issues interest you as much as I do and that in an entertaining way and with simple and direct language I convey to you things that I consider fundamental in terms of eating well. Well… let's get down to business! I studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and since I finished I have been a nutritionist. A little over two years ago I decided to open my own clinic, located in Valencia, from where I advise and help everyone to achieve their goals. I personalize the treatment of each of my patients, that is, I do not give them a box diet, I plan the diet for each patient based on their characteristics and needs. In addition, I try that everyone who gets in my hands learns to eat, and stops having obsessions with food and weight. I am present on social networks. You can find me as Laura Jorge Nutrición on Facebook and as @ljnutricion on Instagram and twitter. Instagram is the social network that I use the most, and I usually share simple dishes and lots of tips to motivate everyone who follows me to change their habits and their lives. For this reason, a few months ago I also published my book Eat Healthy Live Healthy . I encourage you to join the #comesanoyvivesano movement and share your photos with this hashtag or tag me. Thus, we can all be in communication. Do you feel like it? Now that you know me, I encourage you to introduce yourselves too. What topics would you like to discuss? Anything that interests you especially? I will be delighted if you leave it in comments. My idea is to give you tips on healthy eating, tell you about the essentials for a good diet, share recipes... I hope that everything I write contributes to you and helps you eat better! Something that I would like to leave in advance and that I consider basic that you have to know when you want to start taking care of yourself or start a weight loss diet is:
  • There is no ideal diet for everyone.
  • Beware of miracle diets!
  • Obsessions are not good: don't be obsessed with calories or weight.
  • There is no ideal weight.
  • Do not consume poor quality ultra-processed products.
  • Always have vegetables and fruit nearby.
  • No food is fattening in isolation.
  • To lose weight or fat you don't have to starve yourself or stop eating.
  • Our food is our gasoline.
  • Learn to read food labels.
  • Move on.
Many people associate wanting to eat healthy with wanting to lose weight. Eating healthy for me is my lifestyle, and it also brings many benefits:
  • increase your energy
  • It can help you increase your sports performance
  • It can help you avoid certain pathologies...

I hope to help you to make eating healthy become your lifestyle as well ;)

See you soon to talk about food!

laura george