4 Asanas to calm menstrual pain

During menstruation, women experience a series of physical and emotional changes, so it is essential to become aware of this in order to seek harmony. On this occasion, we present you 4 asanas to calm menstrual pain . Yoga is one of the best activities that we can practice during this period, since, among other benefits, it intervenes in the normalization of the menstrual cycle. According to the experts, a self-study work should be carried out in which the woman writes down how she feels, what are the symptoms and changes she experiences, what emotional alterations have occurred... In addition, it would be convenient to add to our self-study the changes that we have perceived with the yoga sessions. 4 asanas that improve menstrual pain

These are the 4 asanas that you can do to relieve the pain of menstruation :

  • pigeon pose
Get on a mat on your knees. Stretch one of your legs back and place your hands on either side of your body to bring your groin to the ground. Hold the position for a few minutes and then switch legs.
  • bridge asana
Lie on your back on a mat or mat. Bend your knees and plant your feet flat on the ground. Next, grab your ankles with your hands. If this is not possible, place your hands just behind your heels. Raise your hips up and hold the pose.
  • cobra pose
It is another of the best asanas to calm menstrual pain, and its execution is very simple. Lie on your stomach and place your hands on either side of your body, just at chest level. Raise only the torso by performing a small back flexion. Control your breath at all times and hold in this position for one minute. asanas for menstruation
  • bow position
Lie down and support only the abdomen. At the same time, bend your legs and grab your ankles with your hands. Inhale deeply and try to raise your torso as much as possible. Hold this position for a few minutes. Benefits of yoga for menstruation

The benefits that yoga provides during the menstrual period are the following:

  • Promotes hormonal health.
  • The menstrual cycle normalizes.
  • Avoid the appearance of pain and discomfort.
What postures should we avoid? Despite the fact that this discipline is very beneficial for women during their menstrual period, it is true that there are some positions that should be avoided. Keep in mind that, in general, you suffer from a loss of energy, so high intensity sessions are not recommended . On the other hand , inverted postures should also be avoided , those that involve exaggerated extensions and twisting, and it is important to limit abdominal work. Conclusion We hope you put into practice our 4 asanas to calm menstrual pain. Yoga offers a lot of general health benefits, so it is also very advantageous at this stage. We recommend practicing this discipline during the menstruation period, always using common sense and avoiding certain positions and high-intensity sessions.