Aeroyoga Feel weightless and strengthen your body

With today's article we travel to the island of Fuerteventura to introduce you to Laura Lasala, a Zaragozan passionate about Fitness, a certified Aeroyoga teacher by "Yoga Alliance 200 rys", Aerial Fitness and Aeropilates, as well as an instructor for Children's Floor Yoga and Aerialkids Aeros for children.

"Aeroyoga feel weightlessness and strengthen your body"

Aeroyoga or Aerial Yoga is a method that uses suspension and weightlessness on a special swing as a platform to encourage creativity, tonicity, muscle definition and rejuvenation. Breathing, balance, strength, resistance are worked on, it is something more than yoga, fitness or Pilates, because it brings together the benefits of these disciplines. The advantages are innumerable: It redefines the body, loses weight, improves muscle tone, exercises the abdominals, improves the appearance of the skin and circulation, facilitates growth and stretching, strengthens joints, etc. And it not only provides physical benefits but also mental ones, increasing creativity, body awareness, enhancing mental capacity and combating stress and fears. Laura has to wear quality sportswear for her exercises that help her stay firm on the swing. She loves compression leggings and one-piece jumpsuits. Laura is faithful to Beat Fit 😍 You can contact her by following her on her networks or through her website. Facebook Laura Lasala Facebook We fly in Fuerteventura aerial yoga